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Home Releases Techno & Electro Stryke - The Narrowest of Paths
Stryke - The Narrowest of Paths
На немецком лейбле Plastic Сity вышел альбом ямайца Stryke. Но порадует он вас не raggae, а некоторой смесью традиционного для Plastic City теххауза и мотивов детройсткого техно нового тысячелетия.

Born and raised in Kingston, Jamaica, Stryke began his music career at an early age. He started playing classical piano at the age of four. Moving to Miami, Florida (where he still resides) when he was ten, Stryke became heavily involved in early electronic alternative scene. His love for Beethoven and Chopin were quickly joined by his new love for groups such as Depeche Mode and New Order (not to mention an unhealthy addiction to video games, which he still has to this very day). Buying his first synthesizer at age 12, Stryke quickly learned the ways of synthesis and began writing electronic music with his trusty monophonic Roland SH-101 synth. He soon discovered house and techno from a mix tape given to him by his cousin, a DJ in New York. He was hooked. At age 14, the young Stryke had already begun DJing to make money to buy more synth equipment. But after discovering this new underground dance music, he became as passionate about DJing as he was about making music. Says Stryke of the two, "Both production and DJing have really become one in the same for me. I really can't separate the two. The words musician, artist, and DJ, all have the same importance to me." Although his styles as a producer range anywhere from techno, house, to ambient, Stryke hates the barrier game. "I see it all as music. Every genre has music which is good and bad. That's it. It’s funny to me to see people who say they like “minimal” but hate “techno.” What the hell does that mean? It’s all a part of the same pie! Get over it!”

Make no mistake however, all pigeonholing talk aside, when it comes to DJing, Stryke gets primal. He's considered to be one of the top DJs around today. His globetrotting schedule and growing legions of fans is proof positive of his ability to command dancefloors worldwide. His dexterity is proven time and time again. His live shows, while rare, are an even bigger treat. He's had Billboard chart success with his Ad Finem project and as a remixer. His guest vocal on the track "Time" with Murk, went #1 in the US in 2004. He's collaborated with artists such as Murk, Christian Smith, John Beltran, Santos, & Alex Flatner, to name a few. With releases on labels such as Ovum, Plastic City, Hooj Choons, Monoid, Circle, Guidance, Platform, Twisted, & many others, there seems to be no end in sight for this bright star. Over the years, his residencies have included nights at clubs such as the legendary Edge, Warsaw, Maze, & Nocturnal.

In 2004, he was asked to be the official DJ for the MTV VMAs. Balancing work between the studio and the road hasn't been easy. But Stryke wouldn't have it any other way. "I'm truly blessed to be able to do what I love. The work, the stress, and the hardship is all worth it at the end of the day." Stryke is quickly becoming one of the hardest working man in electronic music. Listen...Communicate...Understand. He is honoured to now be an official family member of the Plastic City family. Look for his full length album "The Narrowest of Paths."

(c) Plastic City
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Comments (27)

coolich said:

  zer gut smilies/grin.gif
October 23, 2009

PerVitin said:

  пойдет smilies/wink.gif
August 20, 2009

anton gertz said:

June 29, 2009

DJRomantique said:

  Вері Факін Спешл)))))
May 05, 2009

Mantrique said:

  очень ярко........)))) smilies/wink.gif
March 29, 2009

bird said:

  УУУ...ууууу..... УУУУУУ!!!! Круто!!!! СпасиБОЧКИ:_)))))))))
March 10, 2009

Eskibar said:

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January 27, 2009

monacido said:

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January 19, 2009

mastermix said:

January 07, 2009

mircil said:

January 03, 2009

yurman4ik said:

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October 30, 2008

jm said:

  great smilies/wink.gif
October 28, 2008

Chritchan2 said:

  Yeah ! Great one !
October 21, 2008

mannn said:

  good ralease good
October 08, 2008

dresden69 said:

  hgahaahaha tytyty
September 04, 2008

bop said:

  great diversity in this site ahsome
August 29, 2008

djmeyer5 said:

  Stryke is really awesome. They are coming to my town soon.
August 24, 2008

durtto said:

  Plastic City is good
August 14, 2008

praslea said:

  gooooooooodddd job!! smilies/wink.gif
June 07, 2008

virton said:

  very good
June 07, 2008

bam said:

  cum sa fac sa descarc??
June 05, 2008

xenonthegreat said:

  Thanks for the cool post!
May 19, 2008

meckoi said:

  really nice album
May 17, 2008

maxikowy said:

  YEah thanks
May 06, 2008

HowAreYou said:

  спасибо.... будет возможность послушаем
April 26, 2008

waltypou said:

  hello thanks for this new hot stuff
April 09, 2008

badmintone said:

  Слушал ее на Plastic city-необыкновенный пластинка,всем советую!
April 09, 2008

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